Kosher CO-OP is up and running!

Welcome to the new-and-improved online home of David’s Deli, one of Tampa Bay’s best-kept-secrets for Kosher living!

David’s Deli is a lifesaver! It’s a fantastic new asset for Tampa’s flourishing Jewish Community!

Now Tampa Bay has even more access to fresh, high-quality glatt kosher meats, cholov yisroel dairy and desserts, and other here-to-fore unobtainables in the local market. David’s Deli is open and taking orders for weekly deliveries, directly from the Promised Land… MIAMI!  Join the CO-OP today, and get ready to enjoy!

Get ready to pamper your appetite, your soul, and your pocketbook! David’s Deli is a one-stop shop for Glatt Kosher Meats, and even whole meals, ready-to-eat!

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