FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? of Course you do. If the below doesn’t get them answered, please give us a call!

Are you under kosher supervision?

Yes, of course, all meals are prepared under the exacting standards & orthodox kosher supervision of Rabbi Eliezer Rivkin of Young Israel of Tampa, 813-832-3018.

How do I get my Shabbat Meals?

That depends. We’d love it if you’d enjoy them with us at our Shul; just place your order and make payment, and then join us at our Shul, Bais David, 2001 West Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33606. If you’d like them delivered to your hotel or home in the Tampa area, please phone us for details. A small delivery charge may apply.

What’s your deadline for Shabbat/Yom Tov orders?

Please have orders in at least by Wednesday at noon for Shabbat orders, or comparable lead time for Yom Tov. Orders in the week leading up to Passover may need extra care & preparation, so please plan accordingly.  In any case, we’ll do our best.

 What are your kosher standards?

All of our food is prepared with all requirements of halacha (jewish law) in mind. Chassidishe shechitah, Pas Yisroel, and Cholov Yisrael as applicable.



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